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Choosing your ZORB track

It has been a busy few months for the whole team here at ZORB we’ve doubled the size of our park in a year and we now have FOUR different tracks to choose from! If you’re a bit unsure on what track to choose (all of them of course) then read on to find out about our four awesome tracks!

Straight Track

This one is designed especially for the extra competitive. Riders have the option of racing their friends and family down our dual 250m tracks. The Straight tracks are smooth and fast, and for the extra competitive you can try and stay on your feet the whole way down.

Ride on your own or have up to 3 people inside for some slippery ball rolling goodness.

If you’re worried about ruining your hair and makeup we have the answer for you. Our DRYGO has been specially designed to simulate a wet ride. Perfect for those that want to experience downhill ball rolling but just don’t want to get wet. Don’t worry we get it!


Sidewinder Track

The twistiest track ever created, at 350m the Sidewinder track is the longest in all the land. The Sidewinder starts off by gathering speed before riding up the sides of our six massive sweeping corners. There can be up to three people inside the ZORB ball on the Sidewinder which ends up like human spaghetti.

There is also the option to do the DRYWINDER during the cooler months.

Disclaimer, you will have a sore stomach from laughing at the end of this ride. Good thing laughter is the best medicine!

MEGA Track

One of the latest additions to the ZORB track family. The MEGA track starts from the highest point on our site with epic views of Lake Rotorua, Mokoia Island and Mt Tarawera. When the gate opens on MEGA you feel as if the earth is disappearing beneath you. You may also find that your stomach has been left behind on our fastest and steepest track ever created.

The MEGA track is available as a water ride only and if you need moral support can have up to two people inside.

Big Air

Big Air

The fourth track on site here at ZORB, the Big Air is the latest addition to the ZORB track family and is about as crazy as a kid’s birthday party.

Walk off the platform and hold on tight as you fly down the epic drops, before swinging down thrilling bends and sweeping corners. This track is not for the faint hearted!


If you dare, the Big Air has a maximum of two people and is a water ride only.


There you have it, our four different ZORB tracks in all their glory! Can’t decide which one to choose? We have a FOUR ride combo for only $140.00 per person! BOOK HERE


October 24, 2018


Tomorrow’s forecast = perfect for some night time ZORB rides 👀. Think warm water, hot tubs, sauna, hot chocolates, delicious food AND a fully stocked bar….how could you go wrong? This is one of our favourite nights of the year! 

The 6:00pm slot is nearly sold out, so we've added another time slot for 6:30pm, tickets via the link in bio!
Views on views, Darkest Night edition! We still have tickets available for our night ZORB ride event this Thursday! Check the link in bio to book tickets! ✨✌️ #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo
Never a dull moment around here! Lion King ZORB edition 😎🦁 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo
Different start to the day today with our very own @peter_w_kingi being interviewed live for Australia’s most popular breakfast show @sunriseon7 talking all things ZORB! 💥 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #sunriseon7
Views on views this morning, captured by the one and only @peter_w_kingi 😍 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenewzealand
Okay people we need your help! Following on from our inaugural ZORB crew bake off last year, we've decided to step things up a notch with My Kitchen Rules - ZORB Edition. 

Put your suggestions below for what our special ingredient should be and we'll put a poll on our stories! If your ingredient is picked, we'll send some ZORB vouchers your way! ✌️

P.S. Special ingredient must be easy to source in Rotorua and suitable for sweet and savoury dishes. 

#zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #mykitchenrules
ZORB Tesla sitting pretty with its new mate from Go Rentals 🚗 #zorbrotorua #gorentals #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #gorentalsnz
Easter is almost here! 🐰 We're open ALL Easter Weekend and for the duration of the school holidays 9:00am - 5:00pm for all of your ZORB ride goodness! 

#zorbrotorua #bytheinventors #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #dosomethingnewnz
Rainy day family fun, we’re open Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s 10:00am - 5:00pm! 🌧☔️🙌✌️#zorbnewzealand #rotoruanz #nzmustdo