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ZORB Myth Busters

A bucket list adventure activity invented right here in Rotorua, New Zealand. Why would anyone want to do that?

So, you’ve stalked us on the gram and think you’re a bit of a ZORB expert? The ZORB myth busters are here to answer those weird, quirky and slightly annoying questions you might still have. Like why someone would want to roll down a hill in a giant inflatable ball in the first place.



You won’t flip head over heels – so you won’t feel sick!

The last thing you want to have happen to you on holidays is doing an activity that makes you feel sick! Thankfully with a ZORB ride you don’t tumble or flip head over heels! Think of the ZORB ride like a giant water-slide where you slip, slide and laugh your way down the hill with no tumbling involved. The worst thing that will happen is a sore stomach from laughing.



No cold water in sight

Not a fan of getting cold and wet? The water used inside the ZORB ball’s is nice and toasty warm. There are hot tubs you can hang out in during and after your rides and heated changing rooms. Didn’t think you’d be getting wet and didn’t bring your swimwear? There are shorts, t-shirts and towels available to rent. When the weather decides to rain on your holiday parade, don’t stress! Downhill ball rolling is an all-weather activity that still operates in the rain – you get wet anyway so might as well make the most of it!




Can you superman dive? Then you can do a ZORB ride!

If you’re thinking this activity might be too risky and not for you? Downhill ball rolling is the perfect adventure activity accessible to all ages and abilities. There are four different tracks to choose from ranging from smooth and fast to the more extreme. All you’ve gotta do is superman dive into the ZORB ball and let our awesome crew take care of the rest. ZORB is the only ball rolling company in Rotorua to manufacture their own balls. This ensures they are of the highest quality, not like those cheap knock offs you see from China. ZORB has also been Outdoorsmark Safety Audit Certified as well as achieving Qualmark Gold this year. Will you get into the ZORB ball and fit in the hole? If you’re under our weight restriction of 125kg you will fit through the hole. Otherwise we’ll have to butter you up.

No transport? No worries! The Cityride public bus stops right outside our driveway and the fare is less than your morning coffee! Speaking of coffee, we do have a delicious barista coffee station on site. If you do have a car or your own transport, there is plenty of parking available!



Kiwi inventiveness strikes again with TOWGO

Hate waiting? So do we! The TOWGO was created for that exact purpose. The TOWGO was a special project led by David Akers who runs our ZORB factory. A specially designed automated ball return system to get the balls up the hill faster than our trucks and trailers. This gives us the opportunity to look into a more sustainable option to get our guests up the hill.






There you have it the good, the really good and the really really good stuff about what we do here at ZORB! With four different track options ranging from the smooth and fast to the more extreme there is something to suit everyone!




December 19, 2018


Gotta love this view from the top of our tracks, including our new track Pipeline. How cool is that tree tunnel look from above? 🍃 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #thingstodo #slidewhileyouride
Well would you look at that, we have a new track called PIPELINE at ZORB Rotorua and it's OPEN. Come check it out. #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #slidewhileyouride #newtrack
Hmmm, excuse me 'slide while you ride guy' are you meant to be in there? Caption this... #slidewhileyouride #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz
Something seems different here, what could it be? 🤔#zorbrotorua #rotoruanz
He's baaaack....but what for?! 👀 #areyouready #zorbrotorua
The thrill of downhill ball rolling and the beauty of nature captured in one epic shot! 📸🤩
Here's to a decade of shredding for @crankworxrotorua!! It's been epic witnessing our mates over the hill achieve such cool things in the last 10 years! Don't forget if you need to wash away all that mud, sweat and maybe tears while you're here for @crankworx , you can come and see us for a roll or three down the hill 💦🚲
Letting the good times roll on here at ZORB Rotorua 💚
Grab a friend or two and get your ZORB on this weekend! ☀️💚