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Mad Campers Challenge

If you’re planning your New Zealand road trip look no further than the team at Mad Campers. More than just a campervan hire company these guys go above and beyond for their customers providing top notch customer service!

Give them your flight details and they’ll be there to pick you up from the airport! If you need to freshen up there are showers and even a gym for those that want a cheeky workout before hitting the road! You’ll get a rundown on driver safety in New Zealand and they’ll make sure you’re completely happy and comfortable with your camper before embarking on your epic New Zealand adventure.

All Mad Campers comply with all current freedom camping regulations giving you the freedom to travel as you wish through our beautiful country.

Wanting their guests to have a real kiwi experience while they’re in New Zealand, they put together the Mad Challenge. Complete their challenges while wearing one of their complimentary Mad Campers t-shirt and they’ll give you 5% off the value of your rental when you bring the camper back, how awesome is that! Here’s a rundown of the challenges below with our recommendations:


Swim at a waterfall

We recommend, Owharoa Falls which is super easy to access. It’s only a 5-minute walk from the carpark and can be spotted from the road.


Fish and Chips on the beach

You can’t get any more Kiwi than fish and chips on the beach! Don’t forget the iconic Watties tomato sauce and you have a staple Friday night dinner in most New Zealand households.


Climb a mountain over 500m

There are plenty of mountains over 500m you can climb during your time in New Zealand. Obviously the best Rotorua option is Mount Ngongotaha at 757m which just happens to be the same Mountain that ZORB is located on!


Find a town icon

If there’s one thing we love in New Zealand it’s a town icon. Whether it’s the corrugated iron sheep and dog in Tirau or the iconic giant L&P bottle in Paeroa. You are almost guaranteed to see a kiwi icon on your travels through New Zealand.


Eat a pie

New Zealanders love their pies. The classic kiwi pie flavour is Mince and Cheese. If you want to get really fancy, a classic in Kiwi school is the tuck shop pie sandwich, a pie between two slices of white bread (no butter) and a whole lotta tomato sauce.


Catch a fish

If catching fish isn’t your thing, there may be a giant Salmon in Rakaia you can ‘catch.’


Swim in a thermal hot pool

Bring a spade and dig your own hot pool at Hot Water Beach in Coromandel!


Run on a black sand beach

A result of the volcanic activity around New Zealand is black sand beaches. You can find black sand beaches in both the North and South Island. Piha is one of the more well-known black sand beaches.


Drink a longest drink in town

The longest drink in town has been around since 1968 serving milkshakes and thickshakes in their iconic blue and red long cups.


Visit ZORB!

It seems the Mad Campers team forgot to add one item to their challenge… but don’t worry we’ve added our iconic New Zealand bucket list adventure activity! #yourewelcome.

To find out more about Mad Campers and how to book one of their campers click here.

December 17, 2019


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