How the ZORB team is surviving the lockdown

New Zealand is currently at Level 4 of our Covid-19 alert system. This means that everyone must stay home for the next four weeks, except for those providing essential services. As much as we think ZORB rides are an essential service they are unfortunately not and the whole ZORB team are in lockdown at home for the next four weeks. In what feels like the longest game of go home stay home ever, it can be hard to keep team morale up and make sure everyone is engaged and happy. So, we have come up with a few fun ways to virtually keep the team connected and help to survive the lockdown. Because let’s be honest, everyone is on their phone scrolling through the gram or binge-watching Netflix anyway!


Each morning Steph, our Operations Manager has been posting in the private crew page asking the team to share their word of the day and an explanation of why they chose that particular word. Today we had to share our word of the day in Maori with a translation of what it means for everyone else! The day before that we had to share our word of the day and our favourite shows to binge watch.


The team were given the same bird template and told draw a bird and let those creative juices flow! Who would have known we had so many artists in our midst! Especially when drawing on your phone isn’t easy at all! Here is a snapshot of our birds for your viewing pleasure.


Another way to keep the team connected and help to survive lockdown, is to continue on with our weekly Wednesday team meetings. This gives the Operations and Marketing teams the opportunity to share the projects they are working on behind the scenes with the full team.

Now there are a couple of advantages of having virtual staff meetings. One is a later start time of 10:00am so plenty of time for a sleep in and the other is being able to connect in your PJs! Also getting the whole team together is great for team morale! ZORB team meeting


Not many people know this but before they became masters in ball rolling, Andrew and David Akers had a stint at developing board games! You can read more about it here. As a result, they have earned the title Quiz Masters and have been working hard in the background crafting a weekly quiz for the team via Kahoot as we speak!


Let’s not forget about our furry little friends! The new co-workers of ZORB who now have to deal with us being home all day and sitting on their favourite chairs! Most of the ZORB team have cats or dogs but did you know our front office superstar Shanyse has a pet pig! Lulu is 3 years old and according to Shanyse’s Mum was easier to house train than the dogs!

ZORB pets ZORB pets
April 2, 2020


Passing the phone ZORB edition 🤪🥸💚 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #purenz #thingstodorotorua
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Don’t let the forecast this weekend give you the rainy day blues. We are definitely open in the rain! Plot twist, some say it’s better when it’s wetter ☔️😉💚 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #purenz #rain #weather
Summer fun, ZORB styles 😎☀️ #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #nzmustdo
Sunshine and smiles on the agenda today ☀️💚 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #purenz #summer #fun #smiles
Introducing ZORB Sunset Sessions! Here for a good time not a long time we’ve extended our opening hours for the last two Fridays January! Along with ZORB ride goodness we also have our mates @tino_kai_catering serving up their delicious real fruit ice cream and live music all night long! Link in bio to book tickets 💚🍦🎶 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #nzmustdo #sunset
And that’s a wrap on our Annual Rotorua Locals Day! Despite the weather we were all smiles after a busy and fulfilling day raising around 1000 cans for the Rotorua Salvation Army Christmas appeal! Thanks so much to everyone who donated and came along! 🥫🔥🙌💚 #zorbrotorua #salvationarmy #nzmustdo #rotoruanz
Back again on Sunday the 11th of December 2022 and proudly supporting the Rotorua Salvation Army is our annual Rotorua locals day where individuals can exchange cans of food for ZORB rides! 

🥫Individuals need to pre-book a time slot, you can book online via the link in our bio
🥫Limit two rides per person 
🥫Bring along proof of Rotorua residency 
🥫Health and safety restrictions apply
🥫Not available in conjunction with any other offfer or deal

For more information check out the link in our bio!
The people have spoken and last night we came out on top! We were awarded the prestigious NZME Peoples Choice Award at the @tompkins_wake Rotorua Business Awards! A big thank you everyone that voted for us, ya’ll are the bees knees! 🏆🥇🙌💚
When the B team misses the photoshoot… 🤪🏉🏆 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #developmentsquad #supersubs #benchwarmers #nzmustdo #ifyouseeknz #womensrugbyworldcup