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Top 3 Places for a Paddle Adventure in Rotorua

We are extremely lucky in Rotorua to be surrounded by 18 stunning lakes. This makes us the perfect location to bring your stand-up paddle boards or kayaks to explore our beautiful region. If you don’t have access to your own paddleboard or kayak that is completely fine! Check out our mates that can help you out and take you out on one of their paddling adventures! Paddleboard Rotorua, Rotorua Rafting and River Rats (kayak & hot pool tours).

There are so many different lake locations to choose from and we have decided to narrow down our favourite whānau friendly and easily accessible options. Round up the kids, pack up the car and head out to one of these locations for a fun filled day!

Lake Okareka – Boyes beach

Only a 15 minute drive from Rotorua is Lake Okareka. Load up with snacks and gear up for a fun filled day on the water. Take a left towards the small cliffs, taking in the incredible forest scenery and bird life on the way. Once you’ve paddled around the cliffs, you’ll find some secret hidden caves, some are even big enough for you to paddle through! You can also slip into the water and walk through if your SUP or kayak is too big. If you don’t feel like cave exploring on your own or would like to check them out at night you can check out our friends at Paddleboard Rotorua. Spoiler alert – you’ll even see glow worms!

Lake Tarawera

Paddle Board Rotorua

One of the largest lakes in New Zealand is Lake Tarawera. We’ve narrowed down two spots on Tarawera where you can start your adventures. The landing at Tarawera is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Park up along the beach to explore the incredible scenery. If you head to the left, make sure you keep an eye out for boats and the water taxi. Keep close to the lake edge and you’ll be able to listen out for waterfalls hidden within the trees. Navigate your way through the tree branches and take a look for yourself. If you head to the right from the landing, you’ll be treated to views of luscious green bushland and birdlife surrounding the wetland area.

Another epic spot to get a breath-taking view of Mt Tarawera is from Stoney Point Reserve. If you’re an early riser paddle out in time for sunrise – you won’t regret it!

Lake Tikitapu/Blue Lake

Although this lake is small in comparison to others it has plenty of beachfront space, a grassy reserve, playground and parking! WhaBlue Lake kayakingt’s not to like?! Lake Tikitapu is the perfect spot for a family beach day! On a still day you can easily navigate around the entire lake, just keep an eye out for boats and swimmers!

August 21, 2021


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