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Top 5 Adrenaline pit stops of the North Island

New Zealand is home to some unusual tourism activities and is often described as one of the most unique places to travel in the world! Our diverse landscape allows travelers to explore places that are one of a kind. We love to think that if you’re a lover of an adrenaline rush and a thrill seeker then New Zealand is your place.

Here in the mighty North Island is we’re you’ll find some of the craziest, most heart racing activities you could even think of.

Get your inner adrenaline junkie rolling

Starting at  ZORB Rotorua, where you superman dive into a giant inflatable ball and roll down Mt Ngongotaha with ZORB, where the fun will have you laughing uncontrollably. Experience this uniquely, bizarre activity which is the only site available to do so in the whole of New Zealand. With FOUR different ball rolling tracks – the world’s longest zig-zag Sidewinder Track, the smooth ‘n’ fast double Straight Track, MEGA Track -the longest, fastest, and steepest track in all the land, and the newest track; Big Air, with sweeping corners and drops, you’ll definitely be leaving with your adrenaline meters reaching their very peaks.


Keep that adrenaline soaring as you soar through the forest canopy

Just a few hundred meters down the road is the incredible Rotorua Canopy Tours. Here you’ll be taken on a journey through prehistoric native forest. Explore the canopy as you fly on a network of ziplines, swing bridges, cliff-walks, tree top platforms and more. Guided by 2 knowledgeable and experienced kiwi guides. They will keep you safe, make you laugh and bring the forest to life as you become part of our forest restoration story.


Blood flowing yet ? Well why not flow down the Highest rafted waterfall in the world ?

Across the lake is where we have the best white-water rafting that there is to offer in New Zealand. At Rotorua Rafting, you’ll be able to raft down the world-famous Kaituna River. The Kaituna river has been ranked as the best white water rafting in the world due to the kind nature of the river mixed with hair-raising waterfalls and is home to highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world – 7m Tutea Falls.


If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you ? how about if you got pushed off ?

If you love that feeling of your tummy being left in the air and want to keep it going, then look no further then the amazing AJ Hackett Bungy were your toes hang over the edge, you’re about to leap from New Zealand’s only cliff-top Bungy. Located in the amazing Taupo, here you can also choose to be dunked or go dry, however you take the plunge, this is an Adrenaline fueled thrill you’ll never forget.


Fly like a bird or fall like a raindrop

Staying in Taupo, why not throw yourself out of a plane at either 9,000 ft, 12,000 ft, 15,000 ft or the new 18,500 ft skydive were you’ll be free falling for up to 75 seconds!!! Taupo Tandem Sky Diving are New Zealand’s #1 Rated Skydive. Skydiving in Taupo is truly an unforgettable experience where you’ll see volcanoes, coast-to-coast views of the North Island and the incredible shores of Lake Taupo.

December 15, 2022


Passing the phone ZORB edition 🤪🥸💚 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #purenz #thingstodorotorua
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Don’t let the forecast this weekend give you the rainy day blues. We are definitely open in the rain! Plot twist, some say it’s better when it’s wetter ☔️😉💚 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #nzmustdo #purenz #rain #weather
Summer fun, ZORB styles 😎☀️ #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #nzmustdo
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Introducing ZORB Sunset Sessions! Here for a good time not a long time we’ve extended our opening hours for the last two Fridays January! Along with ZORB ride goodness we also have our mates @tino_kai_catering serving up their delicious real fruit ice cream and live music all night long! Link in bio to book tickets 💚🍦🎶 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #nzmustdo #sunset
And that’s a wrap on our Annual Rotorua Locals Day! Despite the weather we were all smiles after a busy and fulfilling day raising around 1000 cans for the Rotorua Salvation Army Christmas appeal! Thanks so much to everyone who donated and came along! 🥫🔥🙌💚 #zorbrotorua #salvationarmy #nzmustdo #rotoruanz
Back again on Sunday the 11th of December 2022 and proudly supporting the Rotorua Salvation Army is our annual Rotorua locals day where individuals can exchange cans of food for ZORB rides! 

🥫Individuals need to pre-book a time slot, you can book online via the link in our bio
🥫Limit two rides per person 
🥫Bring along proof of Rotorua residency 
🥫Health and safety restrictions apply
🥫Not available in conjunction with any other offfer or deal

For more information check out the link in our bio!
The people have spoken and last night we came out on top! We were awarded the prestigious NZME Peoples Choice Award at the @tompkins_wake Rotorua Business Awards! A big thank you everyone that voted for us, ya’ll are the bees knees! 🏆🥇🙌💚
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