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Where to get the best Instagram pics in Rotorua

We thought we’d consult Scotty, one of our Duty Managers at ZORB for his best Instagram spots around Rotorua and what he’d recommend to anyone visiting, and here’s what he said (some of which is very funny!)…Scott is great for a yarn, sports results chat and anything dad-related (and you might recognise him as the infamous Slide While You Ride guy) – so if you’re visiting ZORB make sure you stop for a yarn with him.

Scott from ZORB Rotorua

ZORB Duty Manager, Scotty


Scotty’s Top Five Insta Locations in Rotorua

Coming to work at ZORBHomepage in Autumn is very cool and when we set up for the day at the top of the hill, we have one of the best views in the city, you can see it all. From from the beautiful still looking Lake Rotorua, the sun rising over the back of Mokoia island, as far as Mount Tarawera resting in the distance. A sunrise, early morning selfie is totally worth it. Book your rides and come and see the view for yourself.


The 3D Trick Art Gallery, where artwork is made to look like an optical illusion. My favorite trick is to grab a heroic picture of myself saving my daughter from the jaws of a shark to us riding away safely on the back of a dolphin. This is such a cool family activity and to be fair every image you take is totally Instagram worthy.


Te Puia – you can’t go past getting a photo of yourself with Pohutu Geyser erupting in the background. It’s the largest geyser in the southern hemisphere and I look very short in comparison.

Everyone that comes to Rotorua goes to the Redwood Forest, some of the trees stand at a massive 70 metres tall. You can also do this at nighttime where the Redwood Nightlights experience comes to life, they have cool giant lanterns that hang from the trees, my four-year-old daughter loves this.

And my  final pick is heading to the Secret Spot for some R&R after a long day at work – I love that I can book a private hot tub hidden away in the bush. What more could I want other than having a beer bought to me while I relax? A total bragging opportunity for ‘the gram’ that’ll give your mates FOMO.

What are you waiting for? Book your epic downhill adventure at ZORB Rotorua, and make sure you grab some insta-worthy pics from around Rotorua that’ll have your grid looking 👌🏻

June 4, 2024


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We might be biased but we think we have some of the best hot tub views in Rotorua 💫 

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