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  • Do I need to book or can I just turn up?
    Yes bookings are essential, just pick a time on our website and book in or you can ring our friendly front office team on 0800 646 768 and they can book a time in for you! We are open 364 days and closed Christmas Day.
  • Can kids ride?
    The minimum age for kids is 5 years of age.
  • Can I ride? What are the restrictions?
    • All Riders must be 5 years of age and over.
    • Maximum weight per person is 135KG or 297lb

    Guests may not be able to participate if they have any of the following conditions; including high blood pressure, epilepsy, dislocations, heart conditions, back, neck or head injuries, lack of full body mobility, impairment due to the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any other physical or mental condition that may restrict your ability to safely ride. You cannot ride if you are pregnant.

  • Can children ride by themselves?
    As long as your child is over our age restriction of 5 years old then they can ride inside the ZORB by themselves on this Rotorua Activity. For the younger kiddies (5 years and over) we do recommend riding with an adult or other kids, it’s always more fun riding with others!
  • How long does it take?
    It is best to allow about one hour at ZORB – this will give you enough time to do a couple of rides at least but lets face it, downhill ball rolling is highly addictive so once is never enough! You will also want to allow time to relax in our three onsite hot tubs in-between your rides and have an awesome barista coffee!
  • What do I need to bring?
    All ZORB rides are in water (cool in summer, warm water in winter).
    Bring along swimwear and a towel, if you want to ride in shorts and t-shirt that’s OK as well.
    If you forget your swimwear, we are able to hire you shorts, t-shirt and towel for an additional cost of $12.00 per person.
  • Do you operate in all weather conditions?
    We are an all weather activity, some say it’s better in the rain! The only thing that affects us is high winds (over 45km), we have three wind meters on site that monitors the wind conditions for us.
  • I don’t have a car, how can I get to you?
    The Rotorua City Ride public bus departs the Rotorua i-Site every 30 mins and passes right by our front gate. We are the stop just after Rainbow Springs and Skyline Rotorua. Tell your driver you want to come to ZORB and they will stop at our gate. See the City Ride timetable here
    Alternatively, we are an inexpensive taxi or Uber ride from Rotorua CBD (only 10 mins away)
  • Who invented ZORB?
    Our CEO Andrew Akers and his friend Dwayne Van Der Sluis while they were at University. They originally wanted to walk on water and made inflatable shoes, they soon found out that it was a lot more fun rolling down hills in inflatable balls. Find more about how they invented it here:
  • Is it scary?
    We have visitors of all ages, from all over the world rolling in our ZORB balls – the oldest was 85 years old and the youngest riders are 5 years. It is just the right amount of adrenalin to have you cracking up laughing from top to bottom without the extreme scary feeling. Put it this way – if your granny can do it so can you!
  • Will I fit in the ball?
    If you are under our weight restriction of 135kgs (297lbs)  you will fit inside the ball!
  • How do I stop?
    Our tracks have been specially and professionally designed to bring you to a gentle stop at the bottom of the hill. We also have our experienced crew waiting to assist you at the bottom of the hill and help you exit the ball.
  • Is the water cold?
    The water we put inside the ZORB balls is warm in winter and cool in summer – approx. 40 litres to be precise. We also have toasty warm hot tubs at the top and bottom of the hill for you to enjoy. Heaters and hairdryers in the changing rooms, delicious barista coffee, a warm room at the bottom of the hill and free Wi-Fi – you won’t even notice its winter outside.
  • What if I change my mind?
    For what ever reason you change your mind and do not want to complete your ride, we will refund your money. Contact us on info@zorb.com if you need help.
  • Will we bump into each other?
    The nature of the ride is like a giant waterslide. You will not bump in to each other.
  • Will I roll off the tracks?
    Our tracks have been specially designed to prevent you from rolling off. We also have a fully automated weather station system set up throughout the park where we monitor wind levels. Safety is very important to us!
  • Will I flip head over heels?
    Nope, there is no tumbling involved –  but you will slip and slide inside around the bottom of the ZORB during your ride much like a giant waterslide.
  • Do I have to walk up the hill?
    Heavens no! We have a special 4WD vehicles to drive you up the hill – no unnecessary cardio required!
  • Can I take my own GoPro?
    Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own GoPro or waterproof camera inside the ZORB with you.
  • How much does a ZORB weigh?
    An empty ZORB weighs 95kg! That’s why all our staff all have such big muscles!
  • How much does a ZORB cost?
    Our ZORB balls are all lovingly handmade in our onsite factory. They are for sale, but we will only sell them to you if you go through our rigorous ZORB site audit process.
  • Where do you get a ZORB from?
    From our onsite factory, we have three full time staff working tirelessly making ZORB balls and Fishpipes. Our ZORB balls are always fresh, of the highest quality, fit for purpose and made specifically for our tracks and conditions.
  • Where else can I do this?
    Rotorua is the only place to do this in New Zealand and is the birthplace for downhill ball rolling. But we do have an awesome sister site in the USA, Pigeon Forge called Outdoor Gravity Park. Their ZORB balls are also manufactured in our Rotorua factory.
  • How often do staff get to ride?
    As often as we can! After a long day we all pile into the truck and go for staff ZORB rides. #workperks
  • Have you ever thought of towing it behind a boat?
    A question that comes up often… if we towed a ZORB behind a boat it wouldn’t roll around like it does here down the hill.  You’d have more fun in a sea biscuit!

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