MEGA Track

The fastest, longest and steepest downhill ball rolling track in the WORLD!

Perched high up on the edge of the ultimate drop, feel the earth disappear beneath you as you plummet down the craziest track invented. If the epic view doesn’t take your breath away, the sheer scale will have you gasping…at this famous Rotorua Attraction.

Ride Restrictions

  • All Riders must be 5 years of age and over
  • Maximum two riders on the MEGA Track
  • MEGA Track is a H2OGO (water) ride
  • Maximum weight per person is 125KG or 275lb

Guests may not be able to participate if they suffer from any of the following conditions; including high blood pressure, epilepsy, dislocations, pregnancy, heart conditions, back, neck or head injuries, lack of full body mobility, impairment due to the influence of alcohol or drugs, or any other physical or mental condition that may restrict your ability to safely ride.

If you do have any questions about your ability to ride on this Rotorua attraction please contact us on or call us on (0800) 646 768 to speak to our Crew.