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Won’t I get spun around and around inside?

No. The water makes the inside so slippery that you slide in the bottom of the Fishpipe barrel – you stay in the bottom and the Barrel rotates around you.

What about the water quality? Will it be like riding in someone else’s dirty bath water?! What about germs?!!

Calm down and put the cuckoo back in the clock.

The water is sucked out after every ride, and fresh water is added in especially for you.

So you must use up a lot of water then?

We have thought about this too – we filter the water between rides, test it and treat it so it is nice and clean.

About 90% of the water from each ride is recycled.

It sounds like the Fishpipe goes really fast. I would be cool with that because I am like a fearless ninja warrior, but my friend is a bit nervous about going that fast.

Well, technically that is a statement, not a question. But your “friend” doesn’t need to worry. The operator can control the Fishpipe speed right down to a crawl.

What's the difference between The Fishpipe and the Large Hadron Collider those guys are putting under the ground in Switzerland? Is the spinning of this also likely to create a black hole that will swallow the universe?

The Fishpipe and the Large Hadron Collider are quite similar (although our welding is a little more reliable) however we do not expect to detect any Higgs Boson particles during operation.

The likelihood of creating a black hole due to the rotation of the Fishpipe has been estimated as less than 5% during any given ride and in any case should be quite small if it accidentally does occur.