ZORB Site Development & Consultation

Yes, we’re happy to sell you our expertise. As the operators of the world’s most commercially successful downhill ball rolling park, we know what it takes to have a profitable, safe and fun business. While most will see a hill and some tracks on it and think, “wow I have a hill, that must be easy” – we’ve seen more ball rolling cowboys than Donald Trump has had hot women.

ZORB is also a perfect addition for seasonal businesses such as ski fields, you already have most of the infrastructure, but you’re looking for another revenue stream. Consider ZORB as a complimentary product offering to your existing client base.


If you’ve got some land that you own or you can lease and you’re genuinely interested in working with us, make contact, along with any photos, topographical maps, GPS co-ordinates etc you have of the proposed site so we can get an idea of the feasibility of setting up a ZORB site there. We recommend a hill at least 100 metres long with a slope of between 1:10 and 1:5. We’ll provide you with our initial assessment free of charge.

We would also recommend at this point that you research the local visitor numbers to your area will sustain a business year-round, or at least through the majority of the year if where you are is seasonal.

We have a full site assessment module and can provide you with a list for working through your site set up budget. If you’ve never operated a ball rolling business before, how do you know what you need?


After this assessment and after getting an idea of your development plans, we would propose a contract for our services with a quote to assist you to set up a ZORB site, and to provide you with ZORB balls, manuals, and training. Our costs will vary depending on the scale of the site and the amount of time we put in to assist in setting up the site and the operations and training. Our aim for you is to have a business that is as profitable, professional, safe and fun as ours is here in New Zealand.

For more information contact Melissa Craig: melissa@zorb.com