Valentines Day – will you find love in an OGO?

Are you single? Looking for love?

Let us find you the ultimate OGO love match…

We are looking for five eligible boys and five eligible girls to enter this unique Valentines Day experience –  after a series of tests and challenges (including OGO rides)  our love experts will find the ultimate love match, from there the lucky couple will be whisked away via a luxury Xquizit Limousine to a romantic dinner for two at The Terrace Kitchen (in Rotorua) to get to know each other even better…

Enter below before 5th February 2018 to be in to win LOOOOOVVVVEEEE


  • Entrants must be 18 years and over
  • If selected in the Top 10 you must be available to be at OGO Rotorua by 5.30pm on Wednesday the 14th February 2018 (Valentines Day)
  • If  you are part of the couple selected, you will need to depart straight away to your romantic dinner so expect to be busy from 5.00pm -10.00pm
  • You must be game and willing to participate in our series of tests and challenges including riding in an OGO. This involves water and being in your swimsuit, you will be riding with people you have just met so you need to be comfortable with that. All our standard H&S restrictions apply (see here)
  • Any changes and/or alterations to prize and event format are at OGO Rotorua’s discretion.
  • By entering you are agreeing to your name and image being used on Facebook and in other social media including live posts on the night – if you not happy with this, this might not be for you. It is also advisable that you are single and ready to mingle… if you’re not single and still choose to enter then that’s on you!
  • OGO Rotorua takes no responsibility for any failed relationships or heart break – we can bring you together the rest is up to you… but if you do fall in LOVE, we will take full credit and expect your first born child to be named OGO.