ZORB Tracks

We are OPEN EVERY DAY – 10am – 4pm

Bookings outside these times are available upon request – please email us on bookings@zorb.com

Book online and receive our 5% discount or turn up anytime during the day  – all rides operate on demand!

Water rides operate all year around – dry options available in Winter time only (May – August)

Straight – 250m

Superman dive into the ball on your own or have one, two or three friends in there together as you slip, slide and laugh your way down the 250m long slope. Riders have the option of racing their friends and family down our dual tracks – and if you have the skills, try stay upright and run all the way down the hill (for the extra competitive).

Can you ride? See our ride requirements here

Sidewinder – 350m

The twistiest track ever constructed, the Sidewinder is the longest in the world. Gather speed up on the straights before riding up the sides of the 6 massive corners. From the inside your never know what is coming next, and just when you think you’re done…. the corners keep on coming. You can choose to ride solo or take a friend or two along with you to share the hilarity.

Can you ride? See our ride requirements here

Big Air – 300m

True to its name – Big Air will have you holding on tight as you fly down three epic drops, swing around thrilling bends and sweeping corners. Challenge yourself on the most exhilarating track in the ZORB collection.

Big Air is a H2OGO (with water) ride with a maximum of two riders at a time.

Can you ride? See our ride requirements here

MEGA Track – 300m

The fastest, longest and steepest downhill ball rolling track in the WORLD!

Perched high up on the edge of the ultimate drop, feel the earth disappear beneath you as you plummet down the craziest track invented. If the epic view doesn’t take your breath away, the sheer scale will have you gasping…   MEGA Track is an H2OGO (water) ride with a maximum of two riders at a time.

Can you ride? See our ride requirements here

Water rides operate all year around – dry options available during Winter only
(approx May – August)

H²OGO (with water)

H²OGO (with water)

The H²OGO is our signature ride and our most popular ride style. The secret ingredient is that we add 40 litres of fresh water to every ball (warm water in the winter and cool water in the summer) Whether you choose to ride the Straight Track or Sidewinder Track, the H²OGO will have your sides hurting from so much laughter of slipping and sliding your way down the hill.

In winter, never fear – you won’t get cold with our three hot spas to keep toasty in between your rides, an outdoor fire pumping serious warmth, heated changing rooms (we even have hair dryers!) for afterwards and delicious barista made coffee on-site also.

Don’t have a swimsuit with you? We have H2OGO gear for hire – Shorts, T-shirt and a towel for only $7.00 per person.

DRYGO (without water)

DRYGO (without water)

Defying physics and keeping you dry on those miserable winter days is our brand-new ride the DRYGO. With a double layered ball and water placed in between the layers, the DRYGO has been specially designed to simulate a water ride and is available on either our Straight Track or Sidewinder track. With the option to ride with one or two other people the DRYGO is perfect alternative for those who want to ride but  want to stay nice and dry. The best part… you won’t flip upside down and you won’t get dizzy!!

Please note: DRYGO is weather dependent as it can get hot inside the ball, so in the warmer months DRYGO is not available. To check with the crew please contact us to check (info@zorb.com or call 0800 646 768)