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    Rides & Prices

Try one or try them all! You’ll be guaranteed slippery, screaming goodness with a dash of side-splitting laughter. The secret ingredient? We add 40 litres of water (warm in winter, cool in summer) for your ball rolling pleasure. With four different tracks and no tumbling involved, we have something for all ages and abilities to revel in.

Don’t let the cold weather rain on your parade. We’ve got three hot tubs to keep toasty in between your rides, as well as a brand spanking new dry room at the bottom of the hill, heated changing rooms with hairdryers, and even blankets!

Zorb Tracks

Whatever track you choose, the H²OGO will have your sides hurting from so much laughter of slipping and sliding your way down the hill. Try one or try them all! The secret ingredient is that we add 40 litres of fresh water to every ball (warm water in the winter and cool water in the summer)

MegaSidewinder Dual Straight Pipeline

  • MEGA

    • 300 metres
    • Steepest, fastest and craziest!
    • Epic views of Lake Rotorua and Mokoia Island

    The fastest and steepest downhill ball rolling track in all the land! Perched high up on the edge of the ultimate drop, feel the earth disappear beneath you as you plummet down the craziest track invented If the epic view doesn’t take your breath away, the sheer scale will have you gasping.

    MEGA Track has maximum of three riders at a time.

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    • 350 metres
    • 6 massive twists + turns
    • Max 3 riders per ball

    The twistiest track ever constructed, the Sidewinder is the longest in the world. Gather speed up on the straights before riding up the sides of the 6 massive corners. From the inside you’ll never know what is coming next, and just when you think you’re done… the corners keep on coming.

    You can choose to ride solo or take a friend or two along with you to share the hilarity.

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  • Straight race at ZORB


    • 250 metres
    • Smooth and fast and designed to race!
    • Ride with up to three people inside the ball

    Superman dive into the ball on your own or have one, two or three friends in there together as you slip, slide and laugh your way down the 250m long slope. Riders have the option of racing their friends and family down our dual tracks – and if you have the skills, try stay upright and run all the way down the hill (for the extra competitive).

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    • 320 metres
    • Up to 3 people slide in the ride
    • Roll through an arboreal tunnel

    Keeping it interesting at ZORB Rotorua just means thinking up new ways of giving our customers a fun experience with a twist, a slide and another wild yet fun ride. The PIPELINE is our newest track at ZORB, up to three riders slide in the ride as the PIPELINE starts out with a wiggle, a weave and then takes you whizzing through an arboreal tunnel only to finish off with a sweeping half pipe finish.

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Whatever track you choose, the H²OGO will have your sides hurting from so much laughter of slipping and sliding your way down the hill.

In winter, never fear – you won’t get cold with our three hot spas to keep toasty in between your rides, a sauna, heated changing rooms (we even have hair dryers!) for afterwards and delicious barista made coffee on-site also.

Don’t have a swimsuit with you and don’t want wet undies? We have H2OGO gear for hire – Shorts, T-shirt and a towel for only $12.00 per person.


ZORB Rotorua New Zealand

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Gotta love this view from the top of our tracks, including our new track Pipeline. How cool is that tree tunnel look from above? 🍃 #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #purenz #thingstodo #slidewhileyouride
Well would you look at that, we have a new track called PIPELINE at ZORB Rotorua and it's OPEN. Come check it out. #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz #slidewhileyouride #newtrack
Hmmm, excuse me 'slide while you ride guy' are you meant to be in there? Caption this... #slidewhileyouride #zorbrotorua #rotoruanz
Something seems different here, what could it be? 🤔#zorbrotorua #rotoruanz
He's baaaack....but what for?! 👀 #areyouready #zorbrotorua
The thrill of downhill ball rolling and the beauty of nature captured in one epic shot! 📸🤩
Here's to a decade of shredding for @crankworxrotorua!! It's been epic witnessing our mates over the hill achieve such cool things in the last 10 years! Don't forget if you need to wash away all that mud, sweat and maybe tears while you're here for @crankworx , you can come and see us for a roll or three down the hill 💦🚲
Letting the good times roll on here at ZORB Rotorua 💚
Grab a friend or two and get your ZORB on this weekend! ☀️💚